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Nevertheless, holding serious competitions and voting polls in the online regime is a dangerous idea. The Internet in aggregate with its users is a paradoxical system, which defies a simple prognosis.

For instance, let's take a look at the presentation of Oscar awards. Everyone knows that Peter Jackson filmed the coolest movie, "Lord of The Rings", and one could predict with great certainty that the major portion of awards was going to be received precisely by this cinematographic masterpiece. But what if the voting were conducted online? Please, note that I am referring not to the type of poll which simply provides us with an opinion of respondents for purely informational purposes. There are plenty of such polls all over the Internet. I am bearing in mind such a voting system which decides who is to obtain the award, and the results of this voting system are irrefutable.

I think, organizers of Oscar Night are not going to come up with such a dubious idea of distributing awards on the basis of the votes made by reckless Internet users. Interestingly enough, organizers of the beauty contest "Miss Universe" and the company "Rambler" came up wi