About the Foundation

Alena created a blast in Internet communities (let us remind you that during the first day of the contest ten thousand people voted for Alena) and reached the first place in the beauty contest by the end of the first day of the supporting movement. Alena represents a catalyst to reveal problems of our society.

People, who voted for Alena, VOTED AGAINST:

  • Not naturally looking beauties, who cannot be distinguished from each other;
  • Fake emotions, smiles and gazes reflected in the lenses of professional photographers;
  • Imposed standards 35″-23″-35″ (in inches)/90-60-90 (in centimeters);
  • Mass-media standards and the models it imposes;
  • Products of the same type and trademark, which are made into cult objects for specific layers of the populace;
  • Popular music, which is imposed on us and which becomes popular for this reason only;
  • Cigarettes without nicotine and coffee without caffeine.


  • First and foremost, we vote for Alena, who helped us to look at the beauty contest from an alternative point of view;
  • Real people, individuals, who do not want to apply to themselves standard stamps of society;
  • Products, which are needed by a specific person, not being designated for some average consumer;
  • We vote for individuality, for ourselves!

Our foundation does not limit itself to merely supporting Alena, even though, doubtlessly, our tactical scheme is to help Alena to win the trip to Ecuador. Strategically speaking, we must uphold our opposition, deliver it to the masses, to the government and to large corporations. Our goal is to bring attention to the needs of unique individuals, not of the average statistical person.

Translated by Nina Yugina

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